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Proxies are commonly used for several reasons: security, load balancing, data caching in order to reduce bandwidth demands, and censorship or filtering. Filtering proxies insulate you from objectionable elements of Webpages such as cookies, ad banners, dynamic content like Javascript, Java Applets and ActiveX controls. Some anonymous proxies encrypt your Web communications, protecting you from routine monitoring or even dedicated surveillance. Be careful, though, not all proxies are anonymous!

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This device, the coach with Touchpad is the focus of our review of this portable high-tech device. Operating your home theater PC, or your laptop from afar, is something that you can do effortlessly using this compact and versatile wireless keyboard. Large sized keyboards are sometimes too bulky, making this compact wireless keyboard a breath of fresh air, especially if you use your other devices everyday.

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The trackpad that is built into this miniature keyboard is reliable to some degree, but not always responsive when you need it to be. When you use your trackpad on your laptop or notebook computer, it usually does with you want it to do. The trackpad on this handheld device leaves a lot to be desired, and will not be as responsive as the one on your laptop or PC. You will notice that the function keys are also very hard to operate as well. The command key must always follow the function key. This is how it works. The best way to do this would have been to use a media center button. This would be used to do command functions instead.

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